Fremtidsforskning og cases

Strategic Foresight

Strategic Foresight and Organizational futures orientation

Organizational future orientation (OFO)   
Environmental scanning, futures research, strategic foresight and organizational future orientation: a review, integration, and future research directions
We review literature in four research streams:  
(1) environmental scanning, (2) futures research, (3) peripheral vision, and (4) corporate/strategic foresight. 
René Rohrbeck, Aarhus University and Manuel Bade, Christian-Albrechts-Universität. Conference Paper 2012. ... 

S.C. Jain, Environmental Scanning in U.S. Corporations, Long Range Planning, 17 (1984), 117-128.
...    firms need to scan not only in the technological but also in the social, economic, and political environment.
René Rohrbeck and Manuel Bade. Conference Paper 2012. ... 

B. Nanus, QUEST - Quick Envrionmental Scanning Technique, Long Range Planning, 15 (1982) 39-45.

D.C. Hambrick, Specialization of Environmental Scanning Activities among Upper Level Executives, Journal of Management Studies, 18 (1981) 299-320.

Strategic Foresight in Multinational Enterprises 
R. Rohrbeck, H.G. Gemuenden, Strategic Foresight in Multinational Enterprises: Building a Best-Practice Framework  from  Case  Studies,  in:    R&D  Management  Conference "Emerging methods in R&D management", Ottawa, Canada, 2008. 

Horizon scanning - Environmental scanning 

Horizon scanning
Horizon scanning is a technique for detecting early signs of potentially important developments through a systematic examination of potential threats and opportunities. ... 

Futures Studies Methodologies
Causal layered analysis, CLA 
Delphi method 
Horizon scanning 
Scenario method
Trend impact analysis ...