Fremtidsforskning og cases

Foundations of futures studies 

Military scenarios 
Herman Kahn (1922-1983) 

Social scenarios (Sociology and Futures studies)
1. generation, born 1900-1930
Bertrand de Jouvenel  (1903-1987)
Ossip K. Flechtheim (1909-1998)
Daniel Bell  (1919-2011)
Wendell Bell (1924)
Alvin Toffler (1928-2016)

Business scenarios - Royal Dutch Shell 
Pierre Wack (1922-1997) 
Peter Schwartz (1946) ... 

Filosophy, critical theory 
Ossip K. Flechtheim (1909-1998)

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Framework for Futures Studies

Future Courses of Human Societies 2018
Critical Reflections from the Natural and Social Sciences, 1st Edition. Kléber Ghimire ed. 
… Future Courses of Human Societies explores and builds a general framework for the long-term evolution of human societies. ... 

The Great Transformation: History for a Techno-Human Future 
Judith Bessant 2018. Routledge ​1st Edition. ... 
... freedom and determinism ... a new social imaginary ... ... ... 

Twenty-First Century Inequality & Capitalism: Piketty, Marx and Beyond 
Lauren Langman and David A. Smith eds. Brill. Leiden and Boston. 2018. ... 

Global capitalism and the crisis of humanity  
William I. Robinson. Cambridge University Press. 2014 
... exposé of the crisis of global capitalism in its multiple dimensions - economic, political, social, ecological, military, and cultural.


Foundations of futures studies

Wendell Bell, Foundations of futures studies, Vol I-II,
New Brunswick. Transaction books, 1997.

The sociology of the future: Theory, cases, and annotated bibliography  
Wendell Bell. Russell Sage Foundation 1973.

Wendell Bell 
The Association of Professional Futurists selected Bell's two-volume work: The Foundations of Futures Studies as one of the ten most important futures studies books

About Wendell Bell, 1-4: Images of the future. Theories of social change. Methods of forecasting. Preferred futures. ... pdf

The knowledge base of futures studies. Vol 1. Foundations
Richard A. Slaughter. DDM Media 1997.

Futures Studies

Cornish, Edward 1977: The Study of the Future: An Introduction to the Art and Science of Understanding and Shaping Tomorrow's World. 
Transaction Publishers. ... 

Dator, James Allen 2002: Advancing Futures: Futures Studies in Higher Education. ... 

Slaughter, Richard A. 2002: New Thinking for a New Millennium: The Knowledge Base of Futures Studies. Routledge.

Valciukas, Jose: Foundations of Futures Studies: Volume 1: History, Purposes, and Knowledge ...

Wendell Bell, James Wau 1971: Sociology of the Future: Theory, Cases and Annotated Bibliography. ... 

World Future Society 1977: An introduction to studies of possible future developments in the United States and the world ... 

Gabor, Dennis

Gabor, Dennis 1981: Beyond the age of waste: A report to the Club of Rome. Pergamon Press. 

Gabor, Dennis 1972: The mature society.  
Seeker & Warburg.
Review: ... " Fearful that total secruity ""will create unbearable boredom and bring out the worst in Irrational Man," ... supplementing I.Q. tests with E.Q. (Ethical Quotient) ... ... 

Gabor, Dennis 1970: Innovations: scientific, technological, and social. Oxford University Press. ... 

Gabor, Dennis 1963: Inventing the future. 
Seeker & Warburg.
Reviewed by Joel N. Franklin: Men are psychologicall unprepared for a life of leisure. Men must have work to be mentally healthy,
and their work must seem meaningful and important.

Erik Høgh om Dennis Gabor ... 

Dennis Gabor (1900-1979) ... 



Det samfundsmæssige engagement i en fjerde industriel revolution. v/Henrik Føhns

Henrik Føhns udgav i 2016 bogen "Den Globale Puls" om sammenhængen mellem den digitale udvikling og menneskers udvikling. ... 
Henrik Føhns ...


Robert L. Heilbroner

Heilbroner, Robert L. 1965. “Men and Machines in Perspective” 
The Public Interest, vol. 1, fall, pp. 27-36. 
... that inventions and innovations have not entered society at random, .... On the contrary, I believe that technology enters our kind of society in a systematic fashion, and that there is a discoverable pattern behind its ' appearance. ... pdf 

Francis Fukuyama

Francis Fukuyama
Francis Fukuyama 2002: Our Posthuman Future: Consequences of the Biotechnology Revolution

Fukuyama discusses the potential threat to liberal democracy that use of emerging biotechnologies for transhumanist ends poses

Introduction: Toward a Critique of Posthuman Futures
Bart Simon 2003. Cultural Critique 
University of Minnesota Press 53, Winter 2003, pp. 1-9.

AI Superpowers: China, Silicon Valley, and the New World Order 
Kai-Fu Lee 2018. Houghton Mifflin Harcourt. ... ... 

AI, four waves:
1: Internet AI.
2: Business AI.
3: Perception AI.
4: Autonomous AI.
(Lee 2018: 105). ... 

IFlyTek, speech recognition
(Lee 2018: 105). ... 

Journalism - algorithms and editors
Journalism case: Toutiao editors are algoritms 
Jinri Toutiao, English name: Byte Dance, sometimes called the buzzfeed of China.
... the app`s algorithms even rewrite headlines to optimize for user clicks.
(Lee 2018: 108). ... 
Jinri Toutiao is a Beijing-based news and information content platform.

Jim Dator, 2017: Time, the Future, and Other Fantasies
World Futures Review. Volume 9, Issue 1, March 2017. 

(Bell 1966, 1968; de Jouvenel 1967; Flechtheim 1966; Heilbroner 1960; Kahn and Weiner 1967; McHale 1969; Polak 1961; Toffler 1965, 1970; Wells 1913). ... 

Flechtheim, Ossip. 1966. History and Futurology. Haim: Meisenheim an Glan. 

Futurology: A Literature Survey.
P. Bala Bhaskaran - manuscript

Futurology. The Struggle for the Future.
Otto Spear - 1975 - Philosophy and History 8 (2):185-186. 

To be a good futurist, you need 
The widest possible knowledge of the history and present condition of as many cultures as possible; you must know more than one culture, and thus more than one language, intimately;
Aubrey Yee: World Futures Review: Introduction to June 2016 Issue. ... 

The job market for futurists  
Andy Hines, “Can I Get a Job as a Futurist?” World Futures Review 8, no. 1 (March, 2016): 46–53.

About World Futures Review  
What distinguishes WFR from other futures journals is that (as a rule) it will not have articles about “the future” or “the futures of x” but rather about futures studies as an academic and applied discipline. ... 

Futures studies and sociology

Tales of transition: Futures studies and sociological explanation  
Markku Wilenius 2010. Pages 373-385. ... 

Futures studies and sociology: A debate, a critical approach and a hope
Eleonora Barbieri Masini 2010. Pages 325-332. ... 

Bell, W. and Mau, J. A. 1971. The Sociology of the Future,
New York: Russell Sage Foundation. 

The sociology of the future and the future of sociology
Wendell Bell 2010. Pages 295-310 ... 

AI and society

Hans Moravec 
... Tax laws will be shaped by human voters ... and the vote will be one of the very few advantages humans retain. ...