Fremtidsforskning og cases

Bertrand de Jouvenel

Bertrand de Jouvenel, The Art of Conjecture 
Basic Books, N.Y. 1967. ... 

Bertrand de Jouvenel des Ursins (1903-1987) 
Bertrand was the heir of an old family from the French nobility, ...

Futuribles International  
Futuribles Internationa was created in 1960 by Bertrand de Jouvenel. 
...  "Centre d’études prospectives" was created by Gaston Berger in 1957.

Theory of Futuribles and Historibles
Pentti Malaska and Ilkka Virtanen
... “future” and “possibility” together into a new term “futurible”. ... pdf

Bertrand de Jouvenel and politics 
Jouvenel made clear the tendency of the modern state to swallow the rest of society, and the individual with it. Ironically, Jouvenel observed, what made the state so dangerous in modern times was precisely what to most people gave to it its legitimacy: democracy. ... 

Bertrand de Jouvenel 1945: On Power 
... Bertrand de Jouvenel demonstrates how democracies have failed to limit the powers of government. ... 

Ontology of the Future

Steps Toward an Explicit Ontology of the Future.
In 1961 Bertrand de Jouvenel published one of the great classics of futures studies, translated into English in 1967 as The Art of Conjecture (de Jouvenel, 1967),
... Facta and Futura: ... When one speaks of futura, one does not speak of facts, but rather of cognitive products, ideas, expectations, hopes or fears ... 
Roberto Poli. University of Trento. Journal of Futures Studies 2011, 16(1): 67 - 78.

Jouvenel om Flecktheim 
Jouvenel afviser Flecktheim`s begreb futurology fordi fremtidsforskning ikke er videnskab/science.

Om Flecktheim