Fremtidsforskning og cases

Det Etiske Råd

Age of Automation

Frey, Carl Benedikt (2019). The Technology Trap: Capital, Labor, and Power in the Age of Automation. Princeton Univercity Press.  


The Future of Skills: Employment in 2030 

Implications of the Fourth Industrial Age for Higher Education ... 

Education and Technology  
Goldin, Claudia Dale and Lawrence F. Katz (2009). The Race between Education and Technology. Cambridge, MA: Harvard University Press.

Cobots har bragt Danmark i global top seks 
... Det danske skolesystem hylder kreativt projektsamarbejde. ... 

AI news

AI Time Journal  
Challenges and opportunities in the world of #AI

Kultur og politik

Culture of Fear in the Twenty-First Century  
Furedi, F. 2018. How Fear Works: Culture of Fear in the Twenty-First Century. London: Bloomsbury Publishing. 
Review: Society is continually bombarded with the message that the threats it faces are incalculable and cannot be managed or contained. The ascendancy of this outlook has been paralleled by the cultivation of helplessness and passivity – all this has heightened people's sense of powerlessness and anxiety. ... 

Klimek, P., R. Lambiotte, and S. Thurner. 2008. “Opinion formation in laggard societies.” EPL (Europhysics Letters) 82: 28008. 

Mishra, P. 2017. Age of Anger: A History of the Present. Macmillan. 

Moisi, D. 2010. The Geopolitics of Emotion: How Cultures of Fear, Humiliation, and Hope are Reshaping the World. New York: Anchor Books.

Nussbaum, M. C. 2016. Anger and Forgiveness: Resentment, Generosity, Justice. Oxford, Oxford University Press. 

Witoszek, N. 2013. The Origins of the Regime of Goodness: Remapping the Norwegian Cultural History. Oslo: Norwegian University Press.

Turchin et al. 2018: A History of Possible Futures: Multipath Forecasting of Social Breakdown, Recovery, and Resilience. 
Cliodynamics 9:2.

Cultural evolution

Cultural evolution: Society, technology, language, and religion
Peter J. Richerson and Morten H. Christiansen eds. 2013. MIT.

AI, kultur og moral

Blameworthiness in Multi-Agent Settings  
Meir Friedenberg and Joseph Y. Halpern 2019
... As we move towards an era where autonomous systems are ubiquitous, being able to reason formally about moral responsibility will become more and more critical. and online:

Defining blameworthiness to help make AI moral ... 

Halpern, J. Y. 2016. Actual Causality. Cambridge, MA: MIT Press.

Halpern, J. Y., and Pearl, J. 2005. Causes and explanations: a structural-model approach. Part I: Causes. British Journal for Philosophy of Science 56(4):843–887.

Halpern, J. Y., and Kleiman-Weiner, M. 2018. Towards formal definitions of blameworthiness, intention, and moral responsibility.
In: Proceedings of the Thirty-Second AAAI Conference on Artificial Intelligence (AAAI-18), 1853–1860.

Poel, I. v. d.; Royakkers, L.; and Zwart, S. D. 2015. Moral Responsibility and the Problem of Many Hands. New York: Routledge.

Joseph Yehuda Halpern (born 1953)

Civil Law Rules on Robotics

Give robots ‘personhood’ status 
Hern, A. (2017, 12 January). Give robots ‘personhood’ status, EU committee argues. The Guardian. ... 

Civil Law Rules on Robotics  
DRAFT REPORT with recommendations to the Commission on Civil Law Rules on Robotics
(2015/2103(INL)) ... 

All Robots Are Created Equal  
We Hold These Truths to Be Self-Evident, That All Robots Are Created Equal 
Amanda Wurah 2017. McGill University Faculty of Law Canada.
...  European Union Parliament ... report’s most controversial proposals is the suggestion to grant electronic
personality to robots, thereby making them legal agents. ...  pdf 

The fourth revolution

Luciano Floridi 

Floridi, L. Forthcoming. The fourth revolution—the impact of information and communication technologies on our lives. Oxford: Oxford University Press.

Floridi, L. 2016: The 4th revolution: How the infosphere is reshaping human reality. Oxford University Press. ... 

Floridi, L. ed.  2015: The Onlife Manifesto ... Open Access eBook ... 

Floridi, L. 2007. A look into the future impact of ICT on our lives. The Information Society 23 (1): 59–64.

Floridi, L. 2010. Information—a very short introduction. Oxford: Oxford University Press.

Floridi, L. 2011. The informational nature of personal identity. Minds and Machines 21 (4): 549–566.

Floridi, L. 2012. Turing’s three philosophical lessons and the philosophy of information. Philosophical Transactions A (370):3536–3542.

Floridi, L. 2013a. Distributed morality in an information society. Science and Engineering Ethics 19 (3): 727–743.

Floridi, L. 2013b. The ethics of information. Oxford: Oxford University Press.

References ... 

Siden er under konstruktion.


New Dark Age
Technology and the End of the Future
James Bridle 2018 ...

Radical Technologies
The Design of Everyday Life
Adam Greenfield 2018 ... 

Etik og superintelligence

Ethical Guidelines for A Superintelligence 
Review of Nick Bostrom: SuperIntelligence: Paths, Dangers, Strategies. 
v/Ernest Davis. New York University 2014. 
... The AI need not even have any malicious or megalomaniacal intent. It may just be trying to prove the Riemann hypothesis; but in single-minded pursuit of that goal.
... how to instill ethical principles in AIs. ... giving a computer an ethical point of view is really hard.
... Let me suggest the following approach to giving the superintelligent AI an operationally useful definition of minimal standards of ethics that it should follow. You specify a collection of admirable people, now dead.
... I certainly have no objection to imposing restrictions, in the spirit of the Asilomar guidelines for recombinant DNA research.

Asilomar guidelines for recombinant DNA research 
The Asilomar Conference on Recombinant DNA to discuss the potential biohazards and regulation of biotechnology, held 1975. ... 


Hofstede, G. (1980). Culture's Consequences: International Differences in Workrelated Values. Beverly Hills, CA: Sage.

Inglehart, R. (1997). Modernization and postmodernization. Pricenton, Princenton University Press. 

Parsons, T., & Bales, R. F. (1985). Family, Socialization and Interaction Process. Glencoe: The Free Press.

Culture and economy 

Culture and Institutions
Alberto Alesina and Paola Giuliano 2014
NBER Working Paper No. 19750. Issued in December 2013, Revised in December 2014. 
... A growing body of empirical work measuring different types of cultural traits has shown that culture matters for a variety of economic outcomes.

Fernandez, R., 2008, “Culture and Economics,” The New Palgrave Dictionary of Economics, second edition, S.N. Durlauf and L.E. Blume (eds.), Palgrave Macmillan.

Fernandez, R., 2011, “Does Culture Matter?” in: Handbook of Social Economics, J. Behnabib, A. Bisin and M.O. Jackson (eds.). 


CSR og kultur

Schmeltz, L. (2012). Consumer-orientated CSR communication: focusing on ability or morality? Corporate Communications: An international Journal, 17(1), 29-49.

González-Rodríguez M Rosario et al. International Journal of Business and Society 15(1):19-48. January 2014. ... 

Robot - menneske interaktion

Your Next New Best Friend Might Be a Robot
Meet Xiaoice. She’s empathic, caring, and always available—just not human
v/Yongdong Wang, Applications & Services Group East Asia, Microsoft 2016. 
... Xiaoice can exchange views on any topic. If it’s something she doesn’t know much about, she will try to cover it up. If that doesn’t work, she might become embarrassed or even angry, just like a human would. ...  Xiaoice is teaching us what makes a relationship feel human ... 
... To measure the flow of conversation, we have introduced a new metric called “conversations per session” or CPS.
... Today, 26 percent of the data in Xiaoice’s core chat software derives from her own conversations with humans. ... 

AI technology and humanism

Stanford Artificial Intelligence Laboratory 
Fei-Fei Li: We need to inject humanism into our AI education.
... Like any new tech innovation, computer vision has the potential to be used for nefarious purposes, starting with high-level, highly intrusive visual surveillance ... 
... “The next step for my lab,” Li says, “is to build the cognitive capability we need in fundamental vision tasks like understanding scenes, human behaviors, and relationships, and reasoning and telling stories.” ... 

Chatbot leverandør DK

BotXO AI chatbots for businesses